KALTBLUT Magazine introduces J-ANT. A fashion brand based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. “I’ve recently graduated from HKU (Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht) and now I fight to set up a successful fashion label that strives for a craftsmanship revival in today’s fashion industry.” The fashion label was founded by Jessica Antonio, a native Portuguese fashion designer based in the Netherlands. As creative director of the brand, Jessica is in charge of all tasks leading the brand to success through its signature pieces, which translate as exclusive jackets. J-ANT.’s jackets and coats prove a point on craftsmanship and support the value of handmade quality. These items are the center of attention when creating a collection and therefore attest an abundant amount of detail, including embroideries, textile manipulations and various other kinds of handiwork. Jessica does not necessarily seek innovativeness in her designs. On the other hand, J-ANT. often styles its collections in different contexts in order to depict various styling opportunities to the consumer. Consequently so, the brand opens an eye to additional target groups. J-ANT.’s collections can be purchased via e-mail and soon will be available at different selling points throughout Europe. Photography by Laura Knipsael. Models are Dion Merlijn at Mix Models, Dizencio Hung Tung Cheung and Yente van Nunen at Cachet.