Are You Aware?

"Are You Aware?" is a conceptual fashion series about environmental pollution and climate change.
Pollution remains one of the most underestimated world problems. Three factors determine the extent and nature of the pollution problem, whether at local or global level, namely: the size of the human population, the speed of production and consumption and the level and use of technology. While the overall stress caused by these factors increases, the ability of the environment to cope with these side effects, decreases. Laura tackles seven different issues within her graduation project: acid rain, chemical pollution, electronic waste, oil pollution, plastic pollution, smog pollution and soil pollution. Each theme has its own concept. A surrealistic approach that threatens to become reality. With this project, Laura not only aims to inspire the viewer, but also tries to create a place to talk about these issues.
Something has to change and it is time to do it now.

Visuals of book

Since my own website didn't communicate my project well enough, I created a new one. This one is only dedicated to my bachelorproject and all the info.

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