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Workshop by Hana Miletić

Currently I'm studying in Tallinn at the Art Academy (EKA), some already knew or not. Last week I participated a workshop given by Hana Miletić. "Hana Miletić was born in Zagreb (1982), she lives and works in Brussels and Zagreb. In her work she explores the residues and upheavals of political changes, whereby she focuses on the formation of subjectivity, on the level of both the individual and the community. She describes her artistic practice as street photography via which she documents objects and narratives in a continuous investigation into DIY cultures. Photography serves as a means of orientation in her ongoing exploration of social realities. She has a multiform practice that includes, among others, sculptures, textiles, performances, workshops, printed matter and writing."(

The workshop was based on appropriation art and the work of Mladen Stilinović. We were going to make an artist book. On Tuesday I started to look around in a online archive from Tallinn, searching for interesting pictures in the neighborhood of my school. After finding interesting pictures, I decided to go out and walk around in that neighborhood. I started collecting things I found on the streets and took pictures.

We didn't met Hana yet but in the evening on Wednesday this changed. She gave an artist talk about her work. After the artist talk we went out with the photography department and Hana to a bar, which was really fun.

Thursday was the first day of the workshop. We started reading an interview about Mladen Stilinović and started talking about our ideas. We all had lunch together, our teachers prepared it for us. (We have a kitchen in our classroom). After some feedback moments with Hana, I exactly knew what I was going to do. On Friday the I started to combine the pictures I found on the internet archive and the things I found on the streets. I was looking for visual aspects that were a interesting match.

At the end of the day we had to present a printed booklet, to our classmates, Hana and teachers.

My first booklet I made is called: Sibulaküla (click on the picture below)

I also made a little booklet called RED. While I was searching the archive, I found the same guy at different places in Tallinn. I thought it was quit funny so that why I made an extra one.

Enjoy, let me know what you think about it. 

I wanna thank Hana Miletić for this awesome workshop and I definitely will work with booklets more often  from now on.