Let’s get to know each other – I’ll start.

I’m Laura, the person behind the lens. I create images for brands that don’t just want to be seen. They want to be remembered.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but I want mine to tell a story. In my work, I’m as versatile as I am focused. I work for (sustainable) fashion brands and stores, magazines, content agencies, advertising companies, and more. Whether it’s just a single portrait or long editorial, I put in all my creativity.

It is my belief that the photographer captures not only the image, but also what’s behind an image. I don’t just focus on the photographs, but also on the process. That is where the magic happens. Through close collaboration and open communication, I strive to create partnerships where all wishes are fulfilled and skills are explored.

From Bangkok to Brabant, I’ve studied and experimented with various styles. I’ve built up an extensive portfolio in the areas I’m passionate about; fashion and cityscapes. I am based in Maastricht, a city that lends itself well for both. But I’m also confident outside these crafts, using my experience, technique, and creativity for other concepts. It’s my goal to smoothly combine art with the commercial side of photography.

Picture this: a campaign or content that stands out. If you’re not afraid to experiment, let’s explore the space we find when coloring outside the lines.

So, enough about me, I’m curious to know what brought you here. Tell me about your ideas and concepts. Let’s continue the conversation.

Get in touch.


graduated with honors – Luca school of arts Narafi, Brussels
Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn
Sint Lucas, Boxtel/Eindhoven

2018. Sander + Gretar /Pierre Debusschere – Brussels
2018. Frederic Bastin – Brussels
2014. Surachai Saengsuwan – Bangkok
2014. Leon van den Broek – Den Bosch

graduation expo narafi 2018 – Brussels
exhibition. Gra(n)d Jam – Gent
publication august 2018. Newspaper De Morgen
HAE, Maastricht 2018
Christmas Pop up store, Fashionclash, 2018

Client List

Fashionxchange, Sessibon, Koppel.studio, Studio.ruig, Fashionclash, Le Marais, Le Marais Deux, Schins Atelier, Hipp Haarmode en Visagie, Vrouw Horst, Atelier Pauline, Jackalo, Nederlandse Basketbal Bond 

Editorial Includes

Glamour, Viva, P A P magazine, Chapelle Magazine, Fashion Grunge, Elegant Mag, Modic Magazine, Scorpio Jin, Kodd Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Yearbook Fanzine