Nederlandse basketball bond



Maybe you already saw this passing by on my Facebook page, but wow! I created some new content for the NBB (Nederlandse Basketball Bond). Such a cool client to add on my list.

The talented guys from MG Productions, shout out to them, asked me to make the pictures for this production. And, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic to do this, so I did!

After receiving the moodboard/brandbook, I did some moodboard making on my own and a created a few types of light setup via this cool program: Set a light 3D V2.0, it works really well! By changing the positioning of the light, the light modifier or the position of the model, you immediately see how the light will be. This program is handy to screenshot the set-up and sent it to your client or to use it as a starting point for yourself.

But let’s go back to this awesome production.
The shoot was located in a basketball hall in Katwijk aan Zee. Together with the guys from MG Productions, Rens from the advertising company MegaWatt, many other important people behind the scenes and the basketball players themself we created a solid line of creative content.

Here are some behind the scene shots!

Here’s the video MG Productions created and down below you can see the pictures I shot. Credits for the lion edit go too MG.

Click here to read more (in Dutch) about Basketball Nederland.


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