“Let’s get to know each other – I’ll start.

Hi, I’m Laura, the person behind the lens. I create images for brands that don’t just want to be seen, but want to be remembered.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but I want ours to tell a story. 

In my work, I’m as versatile as I am focused. I work for fashion brands and stores, magazines, content agencies, advertising companies, and more. But in all my collaborations, sustainability is paramount. Because we have a responsibility to create more than just a pretty picture. 

I truly believe that if we as an industry want to make a real change, it should be all hands on deck. That’s why I consciously work with brands that are ready to make sustainability the standard, not a limited edition line. 

As a photographer, I’m not just here to capture the image, but also take care of what’s behind an image. I don’t just focus on the photographs, but also on the process. Because that is where the magic happens. Through thoughtful teamwork and open communication, I strive to create partnerships where all your wishes are fulfilled to the max, and all my skills are used to the fullest.

It’s my goal to make the artistic more approachable in commercial photography. To show brands that you can actually do things differently. That there’s more than “thinking outside the box”. Everyone got out of that box years ago. It’s time to create your own. To stand on, to stand out. Whether it’s just a single portrait or long editorial, I put in all my creativity.

I try my very best to partner up with professionals who have a vision that aligns with mine — from catering to make-up artists. All to have us look at the end result and not just be proud of the picture, but also the process. 

Picture this: a campaign or content that stands out.
If you’re not afraid to experiment, let’s explore the space we find when coloring outside the lines.

But enough about me, I’m curious about what brought you here. What do you want to show to the world? Let’s continue the conversation.

Tell me about your ideas.

Available for commissions of different varieties
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cc: 66425298
vat: NL002335212B58

Anjelierenstraat 40, 6214 SW Maastricht

Publications & Exhibitions

Currant Magazine, Forbes China, Glamour, Viva, Vogue Italia, Dreamingless, Mob Journal, 17:23, PAP magazine, Switch Magazine, Chapelle Magazine, Fashion Grunge, Elegant Mag, Modic Magazine, Scorpio Jin, Kodd Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Yearbook Fanzine, De Morgen Belgium, De Limburger

HAE 2021, Grow Concept Space, Marres Huis voor Hedendaagse kunst – Limburg Biënnale 2020, Gra(n)d Jam Gent, Narafi Graduation expo 2018, Christmas Pop-up Fashionclash 2018, HAE 2018

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