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In October 2018, Glamour NL posted a picture on their Instagram feed which said:
“Hé, it’s okay to support talented photographers.” 
They asked photographers who were graduated not more than 5 years ago to send their portfolio to Glamour. Well, being graduated in June 2018, I think you can guess what I did. 

I’ve send my fashion and cityscape portfolio to Glamour. After a couple of weeks I received an e-mail from them. And, I could’t believe my own eyes… 

They wanted me to do a series for them! I got selected with four other talents from I don’t know how many participants. Whoooo, I was so excited!

At first, I thought they wanted me to do a fashion editorial with models and the whole team. Then they told me they loved my cityscape work and asked me if I could make a serie with fashion items combined with my cityscape work. I absolutely loved this request! Combining fashion items with cool architecture spots can be quite inspiring. Also, I haven’t seen this concept a lot in magazine’s so I was very trilled to be apart of this unique project.

The brainstorming started… after checking out some design and trend magazines and scrolling through Pinterest, I came up with two concepts. After I pitched the two concepts to Glamour, they chose one and everything was put into place…

“And, I couldn’t believe my own eyes.”

Moodboard concept 02

Two weeks before the shoot, I traveled to Rotterdam to spot some interesting locations for my concept. Man, this was such a lovely day, just riding my bike, enjoying the sun and photographing cool buildings with my 35mm analog camera. What else do you need?

Locations I've scouted. (red/yellow/blue, concrete, bricks, steel, tiles, color, clean + 
tight, light/shadow play is important)

This file was send to the stylist I was going to work with.
She hand picked some items to combine with the locations and send these to me.

CALLTIME: 08:45!
On the 27th of February we shot the series in Rotterdam. It was one of the last sunny days.

We met up on the Kop van Zuid in Hotel New York and had our morning coffee. 
This is were I’ve met stylist Anouk Oceanne and Glamour intern Priska Agyemang. After warming up a bit from the morning cold we started our day! 
Before all this, I made a pdf file at home, with location options and times that we should be there, taking into account the position of the sun! The position of the sun can be crucial for your pictures when you can’t move the subject, like buildings ;). 

This is how the file looks. 

We went to all the locations and created different settings with the fashion items. 
Anouk handed me the items, and I started creating the images. 
A guy even asked us if we were shooting content for Marktplaats (Dutch Ebay)… This was such a funny moment! Sidenote: It was a shoe priced at €630,- and as you can get out of this blog, not for Marktplaats at all 😉

After a whole day of shooting and catching the last rays of sunlight for the final shot, I went home tired and extremely happy!
I had so much fun working together with Anouk and Priska and creating beautiful content for GLAMOUR.

After a few days of selecting and editing the pictures, I send a PDF file with different options to Creative Director Saskia van Langevelde. Together with Saskia we chose the right pictures for publication. I was super happy with the outcome of the images and the selection that got published in the May edition of the Glamour!

After waiting for two months, it was finally time. Glamour’s may issue was in store and I could finally check out the print in real life! The colors are so pretty and poeh, the first moment I saw the magazine I just didn’t know how to express my happiness. This was a moment of joy that I wanted to share online. After taking 30 videos of myself trying to explain my happiness and stuff, I finally posted a video on my instagram.

Saskia wrote such kind words about my work and made me appreciate this even more than I already did. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and that I got selected 1 out of 5 new talent photographers.

Click the link below, to go to the publication.

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