Mission and values

My mission is to make a positive change in the fashion industry, inspire people and take them on a sustainable journey.
I’m enthusiastic about working together with brands and projects that care for nature and people. Who are ready to go on a journey to make sustainability the standard, not a limited edition line. Who are excited to explore and represent every gender, every race, every size and every story. Who don’t see that as a goal for the future but as a habit for now. People who share the same values as me.

If you’re not afraid, but rather excited to experiment, let’s explore the space we find when coloring outside the lines. 
Here’s what I can do for yo
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Whether you’re a slow-fashion brand, zero-waste or up-cycling designer, conscious innovator or an organization willing to make a change and do good for our planet, I’d love to create and help you with your visual story.

Creative services I offer:

Fashion photography; campaigns, editorial, lookbook, e-commerce – beauty photography, product photography, social media content, portrait photography, interior photography, art direction, consultancy.

It’s my goal to make the artistic more approachable in commercial photography

I notice and appreciate beauty in life from nature to art to everyday experience. While doing research for my ARE YOU AWARE (2018) project I started to understand the big impact of our industries on the environment. I started changing my consumer habits and integrating personal responsibility in my creative work. I decided to only work with brands and organisations that are willing to make their business more eco-friendly and have sustainable products. 

Let’s create consciously and take care of our planet 


I try my very best to partner up with professionals whose vision aligns with mine

I treat my team, studio or location and equipment with the love and respect they deserve

All fine art prints are carefully printed on eco-friendly Hennep, Agave or Bamboo paper from Hahnemuelhe with my Canon Pro 10S printer. If I need to deliver bigger prints than A3+ or other printed media I can’t print myself, I make sure to use carbon-neutral print shops and those who print sustainably

When it comes to transporting prints or products, I rely on green couriers and when it’s a local order, I deliver it in person or rely on bike couriers

I team up with local, small scale business for all partnerships (catering, flowers, etc.) for photoshoots

I keep the environment in mind when traveling to a job, I try to do this eco-friendly as possible. We will go by bike, use public transport, carpool or when traveling with my own car is inevitable I compensate for my carbon footprint

I absolutely love shooting with sunlight, but when I need an extra light source, I use LED lights and/or studio strobes and turn them off when they don’t get used during the photoshoot to reduce electricity usage. I use rechargeable batteries and don’t charge my equipment overnight to reduce electricity usage

I support Certified B Corporations and photography brands that are eco conscious

I’m committed to being transparent and working as consciously as possible. My passion for working towards a more sustainable future keeps growing and evolving day by day. I am always looking for ways to improve and I am grateful for feedback

For every booking I get, I will donate 10€ to the Ocean Clean Up Project. I do this by supporting them with a yearly donation 

I want to make your brand and our planet a bit more beautiful with every shot I take.

Wondering how to start?

Top 10 tip list to make your next photoshoot more sustainable

Let’s continue the conversation


Don’t hesitate to get in touch to get your personalized shoot concept or talk further.
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