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Circulair Fashion

Photographer | Laura Knipsael - Stylist | Lisa Klink - Make-up and Hair Artist | Sandra Lupker - Models | Tjitske, Emily and Fleur [at] Elite Amsterdam

Today’s Modic Fashion Editorial is all about circular fashion. „We wanted to show that fashion can be used differently than you might think. Share your clothes, pass them around, don’t throw them away but start donating or swapping them! By using 3 different ‘characters’ we wanted to show you that clothing does not have to define you. You can still show your personality even though you might be wearing ‘someone elses’ clothes.” – Lisa Klink 

“Model Emily Verleun ‘the weary one’. She is not sure why she is here at all and is eager to leave. She is a very messy girl, always loses her stuff and she is never on time. Her worklife is consuming her and that causes her extreme tiredness.”

“Model Tjitske Kruijssen ‘the plain one’. She is just an ordinary girl, living an ordinary live. But what is ordinary? She has no special skills and no special interest. She has a plain and sober personality. There is just not much more to tell you about her.. Which is fine, because we’re all unique.”

“Model Fleur Roukens ‘the fun one’. She is the most bubbly person you have ever met and has a lot of energy. When she came in she was humming her favorite song and was excited to get started. She had a hard time sitting still during the make-up and kept wiggling. Dancing, singing and going out are some of her favorite things to do.”

Modic Fashion Editorial – Circular Fashion is all about exchanging outfits, showing how good it looks, and still feeling like yourself.


Modic Magazine 

Styling + Concept: Lisa Klink
Make-up and Hair: Sandra Lupker
Models: Emily, Tjitske, Fleur [at] Elite Amsterdam