Golden Memories II
shot with a Mamiya 645

Sustainable Fine Jewellery Brand                                                                         


Many ancient civilisations believe that precious metals and gems carry a great power. The Romans believe that citrin gemstones are a part of the sun. This idea of carrying something not only for beauty, but for emotional strength as well can also be found in IRIS DESIREE CLAESSENS collections. Capturing a dear personal memory in a piece of jewellery is her version of this ancient concept.

These pictures were shot in the garden of an old farmhouse, on one of the last warm days of summer. Luscious fruits and vegetables from the organic homegarden lie like colourful gemstones side by side with the golden jewellery collection of IRIS DESIREE CLAESSENS. The images immortalise the last rays of summer sun, in the same way her jewellery pieces aim to capture personal memories in gold. Looking at the serene aftermath of a dinner. Feeling the emptiness left behind, you will go back in time to the moment of being together with your beloved ones.