published in Fashion Grunge


Photographer| Laura Knipsael - Make-up and Hair Artist | Emilie de Roo - Designer | Maarten van Mulken - Models | Amber & Joline [at] Models Rock Agency

Fashion Grunge

“The collection is based on the book ‘Please kill me’ that described the beginning of punk and how people in that time dealt with this loss of purpose and the chances that they got with it. A lot of them did a lot of drugs, did stupid idiotic things, but lived their lives to the fullest. Next to the book the collection is inspired by funeral clothing throughout the ages mixed with clubkid clothing from now. The woman in this collection are a visual representation of how they would look like, fighting and going through life with all their questions while making a mockery out of life. The project is about a loss of purpose people often feel in this life. You live and you die. The in between in a giant ‘what the f***’ for a lot of people. With this collection the viewer gets a sense of purpose back. Something to shield themselves with. Life isn’t all that bad and make the best of it. Don’t take life to serious, you only live it once and its yours, nobody else’s. The collection is dark, twisted and vibrant. This is VOID.”


Make-up and Hair Artist: Emilie de Roo
Designer: Maarten van Mulken
Models: Amber & Joline [at] Models Rock Agency